Mommy and Daddy took a picture on their honeymoon and it looked like an Indian hat to me. And there was a real bullet shooting gun that shoots out a lot of bullets!  Today is their 7th anniversary!


And today is my birthday! I got to make daddy and mommy a gift for their anniversary. I made them pictures!  I made Daddy pictures of the Power Ranger Robot, and Superman, and Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spiderman!

Mommy and Daddy got me a Spiderman costume for my birthday!


Today is a special day. It will always be a special day because it’s my birthday and an anniversary at the same time with my family! It is a good thing!


Phone calls rock!

I got to talk to my best friend today on the phone! Isn’t that rad dude?!

My rainbow birthday shirt!

Today I got a rainbow shirt in the mail! Mommy ordered it for me for my birthday! Mommy and Daddy let me open it today even though my birthday isn’t until Wednesday.

The lady who made the shirt sent me an extra present and it was a surprise! It was an octopus and a starfish and mommy and me made it just like the instructions said to.

And my shirt has my name on the back! Isn’t that COOL?!

I adopted Jake today! Mommy and me sat on my bed a…

I adopted Jake today! Mommy and me sat on my bed and I raised my right hand and took an oath to always take care of Jake. Now I am Jake’s Daddy and Mommy and Daddy are his Grammy and PaPa.

When I got Jake his name was Markus Clark, but I didn’t like that name. It was too long. So, I picked Jake.

Jake is a very nice doll. I get to meet his real mommy and daddy someday.

His hair is cool! If it’s cold it turns bright yellow and purple. If it’s hot it turns orange and blue.

He’s got a mohawk like me! Except his is twisted sideways.

And now for my new language…

Me and Brendan made a new language. You have to say everything with your tongue out!

It was raining today and mommy had the idea to ma…

It was raining today and mommy had the idea to make some rain bottles.

I thought that was a good idea.

First, we got some water bottles out of mommy’s bedroom (she has lots of them) and we emptied them out.

Then, we used a funnel to fill them half way up with rice.

Mom had some ideas about other things to put in them. So, we used beads, and some heart shaped cake sprinkles.

But, they were still kind of boring.

So mom got out the food coloring…that was awesome!

We had 4 colors of food coloring to chose from. Green, blue, purple, and pink.

I chose green and blue for mine and I chose purple for Presley.

We did learn one thing though…colored sugar does not work for coloring rain bottles!

Mom said they’re supposed to sound like rain, but they don’t. But they still look good, even if they don’t sound right!

That’s all!

Mommy finally let me put some red gel in my hair t…

Mommy finally let me put some red gel in my hair this weekend. She usually doesn’t let me do that.

I have two best friends. Celia and Brendan.

My best friend Celia is going to move away before my next birthday party. That’s really sad because she’s my best, best friend.

And now for some jokes…

Why did the man cross the street?
Because his tongue got twisted!!

Why did the shirt walk?
Because it needed a pillow!!

Why did the belt slap himself?
Because he forgot to wash his hat!!

Why did the weight bench hop up and down?
Because he wanted to throw his guitar on his guitar!!

Do you think these jokes are funny?

It snowed!!! I got to play in the snow like 15 tim…

It snowed!!! I got to play in the snow like 15 times yesterday, and daddy helped me make a snow man, and I got to make a gingerbread house with mommy!!